Resort Activities

Resort Activities

  • White sand beaches

  • Rivers and coves - river activities include kayaking, paddle board, and snorkeling

  • Jungle trails

  • Infinity pools

  • Tennis and paddle courts

  • Outdoor functional workout circuit

  • Yoga, tai chi and meditation classes

  • Business center

  • Shops

  • Kids and family club

Muluk Spa & Wellness

At Hotel Xcaret Mexico, you will live the wellness experience as a holistic journey inspired by ancestral traditions, in a continuous contact with nature.

During your stay you will have at your disposal our Muluk Spa & Wellness, a sanctuary framed with unique natural caves in the Riviera Maya, which will transport you to a world of complete relaxation.

Revitalize your energy in the temascal, the flotarium and the hydrotherapy circuit, in a pleasant concept that will help you achieve a deeper inner and spiritual connection.

Muluk Spa also offers dermoesthetic services and exclusive beauty treatments, including body and facial massages. An invigorating experience of total well-being.

Fitness Center

Be inspired by the astonishing landscapes surrounding Hotel Xcaret Mexico, and feel the connection with your body in an invigorating experience.

Set your workout routine in an integral training path amidst the jungle, and test your strength to its limit in three gyms, fully equipped with avant garde technology, including cardio machines, as well as free weight and integrated weight systems.

Your mind and body will get into balance as you enjoy our yoga classes and other entertaining wellness activities.

Hotel Xcaret Mexico features three gyms, two of them are exclusively for certain suite categories.

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